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D365 Pharm@c

Solution purpose-built to empower Healthcare organizations to strengthen their back-office and streamline manufacturing, distribution, and retail operations from start to finish. The platform provides the critical infrastructure needed to establish resilient and agile supply chains.


D365 Pharm@c isn’t just a technology solution; it’s the future of healthcare management helping manufacturers, distributors and retailers, hospitals, laboratories, and healthcare service providers. Let’s help you navigate the complex and highly regulated healthcare landscape, ensuring that your operations run seamlessly, and your customers receive the best service.


In an industry where precision, compliance, and efficiency are paramount, D365 Pharm@c is your prescription for success. Mitigate supply chain challenges and compliance hurdles and embrace a future where your pharmaceutical management is streamlined and optimized for excellence.

Automated Operations

Say goodbye to manual errors. Automate operations across the pharmaceutical value chain, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring precision.

Comprehensive Financial Management

Get your hands on advanced financial management tools, helping you maintain control over your financial processes and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.


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